Should you have seen a situation like this coming? Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) were out and about in New York earlier in the week. However, an unpleasant incident had occurred: paparazzi had followed the couple’s car for over two hours – and apparently there was almost an accident. Could the Sussexes’ security team have been prepared for this?

At “Good Morning Britain” analyzed Ken Wharf, the former bodyguard of Princess Diana (✝36), the incident in New York. According to him, the security team was overwhelmed with the situation. “The protection team he has at the moment has never dealt with such prominent figures as Harry and Meghan.”, Ken explained. However, you couldn’t really prevent the chaos, as he added: “From my own experience I can say that at best you can talk to the paparazzi.”

But how bad was the situation around Harry and Meghan on Tuesday really? In an interview with Picture explained the taxi driver who drove the two and Meghan’s mother Doria home that evening: “I didn’t see anything particularly dangerous – they stayed behind.” The photographers followed them, but nothing bad happened.