HealthyMandy is one step closer to her desire to have children. The influencer and her husband FitnessOskar had to cope with a terrible loss a few months ago: they lost their son Rio shortly after birth due to an autoimmune disease. Now the web stars are trying to have another child through artificial insemination. That’s why they were in a clinic today. And Mandy’s embryo transfer was a success!

After the procedure, in which the YouTuber had an embryo implanted, she contacted her fans. “The transfer went great! Our Popps is in exactly the right place. Now we have to wait ten days and hope that the pregnancy test is positive.”Mandy reported proudly Instagram. She already shared a first ultrasound image.

Mandy and Oskar made all the preparations for the transfer yesterday. The network fame said that the treating doctor had given her high hopes: “I asked the doctor how high the probability is that it will work and he said ‘So high!'”she rejoiced in her story.