Jane Carter has been arrested! All five children of the American made a more or less successful career in public. Her eldest son Nick (43), for example, is a member of the Backstreet Boys. But the limelight also has its downsides. More than ten years ago, the then 25-year-old Leslie (✝25) died of an overdose. Last November her brother Aaron (✝34) also died under the influence of drugs. And now must jane also answer in court.

TMZ court documents are available showing the mother of five was arrested for assault. She drank with her husband at home and got into a verbal argument that ended in fisticuffs. The trigger for the argument was that jane heard loud music on the TV and her partner couldn’t sleep, they argued about the remote control.

This isn’t the first time the New York native has made a negative impression. For years there have been allegations that as a manager she exploited and abused her children. She is said to have even given her son Aaron the tranquilizer drug Xanax at the beginning of his career as a child. The drug is said to have ensured that Aaron “worked” and could stand on stage without panic despite a hard workload.

Source: celebtap.com