For him, the shame limit has been reached! Starting this week, four couples will again face the ultimate fidelity test at Temptation Island – the island of seduction. Also Nico Legat, the son of soccer player Thorsten Legat (54), is taking part in the TV experiment with his girlfriend Sarah. The father-son team watched the first scenes of the show together. Thorsten broke out in a sweat while watching!

“Then I would be stiff as a board,” Nico said in a scene in the first episode to two hot single ladies. His father didn’t seem too thrilled: “Look at how I’m sweating,” he said while watching the clippings with his wife Alexandra and son. In shock, the football professional held on to the refrigerator and explained that his shame limit had already been reached.

Nevertheless Thorsten assured to always be there for his son and to stand behind him. “Our boy is our boy. I know how he works, I know what makes him tick and I love him. […] He’s a great boy”, the bald man clarified. Alexandra also seems to be able to understand Nico’s decision. Laughing, she admitted: “You’re young and you need the money.”