You should be able to find someone! Reality star Nikola Glumac has come a long way when it comes to relationships. The turbulent marriage between him and his wife Gloria caused a lot of uproar on the internet. Although the two recently won the finale of Prominent separately, there was ultimately no resurgence of their love. Well betrays Nikola his fans how his dream woman should be!

On his Instagram-Account turned Nikola the questions of his curious followers. It was no surprise for the influencer that his ex-wife would also be a popular topic. However, he asked his fans to spare him his ex-relationship in the future. Instead, he shared the information about what qualities his future dream woman would have to have: “My dream woman should simply have a good character and a good heart. That’s enough for me.”

For the moment, Niko is not actively looking for a new partner, as he has been happily single since the breakup. However, he does not completely rule out a new relationship: “If I find the right woman, if everything fits and matches, then I would be ready for a new relationship, that’s very clear.” Until he finds the right one, Niko just seems to focus on himself!