She hadn’t expected that! Nina Noel (34) is an actress and was seen in Cologne 50667 and Krass Schule – The Young Teachers. The brunette is now also a well-known influencer and shares her everyday life as a mother of two online. In December 2022, her boyfriend Tony proposed to her. Since then, many fans have been waiting for the big wedding. But now the couple announced other news: they are expecting their third child! In the celebrity flashinterview, Nina now tells that the pregnancy was not planned.

“It’s no secret that this pregnancy wasn’t planned”, says Nina. She openly admits: “But I was hoping that the test would be negative.” Nevertheless, the mother was happy about the news. Her friend Tony also shared her joy. “He had wanted more children anyway,” reveals Nina. Although the influencer would have liked to get pregnant again, the time was not right for her.

The actress is currently suffering from the negative side effects that pregnancy can bring. “Unfortunately, I was and am currently not doing so well because I have to deal with morning sickness 24/7,” she admits. But she already has experience with her two children.