Somebody wants to really turn the forgiven men’s heads! The fifth season of the reality show Temptation Island just started. Among the seductresses, Nora Lob (34) is at the forefront. The brunette is already remembered from the bachelor season with Niko Griesert (32) and the dating show Love is King. now there nora to: When it comes to flirting with men she would definitely go on the offensive!

In an interview with Ramon Wagner, that on YouTube was published, the self-proclaimed “Supergirl” is asked how she feels about being a seductress who deliberately tests men for their loyalty – her answer: “I didn’t feel bad about it […]. My attitude was: two weeks party vacation and four […] Guys I’m going to have fun with.”

Unlike the previous “Temptation Island” seasons, in this one there was no first meeting of the seductresses and couples before going their separate ways to the villas. “They should always do it that way, because then conscience was no longer an issue. You have no relation or image to the men’s wives!”finds the 34-year-old candidate.