Peter Klein (56) probably hoped for more. Since the beginning of the year, Iris Klein (55) and her ex have been having a proper mud fight online. The reason: The former Realitystars participant had accused the former bodybuilder of having an affair with Yvonne Woelke (41). After Peter actually admitted feelings for the actress, Iris’ children also turned their backs on their longtime stepfather. At peters Birthday congratulations from Daniela Katzenberger (36) and Jennifer Frankhauser (30) are therefore missing.

Across from Picture reveals Peterthat he hadn’t heard from the cat and Jenny on his special day this year. “Of course I would have been happy if maybe one or the other person had reported. But you can also understand that it’s not like that,” explains the 56-year-old insightful. The fact that the two are now turning away from their stepfather is not without a trace Peter over: “Of course it’s disappointing, after all I often jumped to their side. […] It’s her mom and you’re not on the side of whoever ended the relationship.”

The fact that the cat and Jenny are so on their mother’s side is probably mainly due to the fact that Peter can be seen again and again with his alleged infidelity after the breakup. After the two were initially photographed cuddling in a hardware store, the two were last seen together at a Berlin sausage stand.