In about three weeks, King Charles III. (74) officially crowned Head of the United Kingdom! The king is said to have spoken out with his son Prince Harry (38). But between number five in line to the throne and his brother Prince William (40) there is still a need for clarification. A royal expert thinks Harry and William reconciliation is still a long way off!

Royal expert Ingrid Seward sees the debate between Harry and his father Charles as a first step in the right direction. Across from The Sun But she also explains: “As a courtesy, Harry could spend time with his family, even if it’s difficult for him. They all have very busy schedules, but it would be nice to stay and be nice. […] I think reconciliation with William will take some time.”

Charles’ coronation will be the first time the brothers have met since the publication of Harry’s memoir. William continues to feel hurt and betrayed by the statements in the book, say insiders. Some of them fear that the rift between the brothers cannot be bridged.