Stefan Mross (47) now speaks plain text! Last November, the folk musician and Anna-Carina Woitschack (30) surprisingly announced their love. Recently, there have been rumors that the trumpeter is said to be suffering from an alcohol problem and is already consuming alcoholic beverages at events in the morning. His wife has now confirmed the allegations of alcohol addiction. That wants Stefan but don’t let it sit on you!

“I don’t have a drinking problem”the moderator now opposes his lawyer Patricia Cronemeyer Picture clear. Although he sees that he has had a drink because of his free time and the difficult times he was going through, there is no addiction behind it. “But that’s coming to an end now that my work is starting again,” she says Stefan also align.

Anna Carina however, claimed otherwise. “The people around him know that. Our friends and I have been asking him for years to finally get professional help. He promised me. I encouraged him because he can’t get rid of alcohol on his own.”she explained. Stefan however, “kept falling back into old patterns of behavior”, which the 30-year-old could no longer stand.