Nobody expected that anymore. It was actually announced last year that the anniversary season would end with DSDS after 20 years. In 2021, head of the jury Dieter Bohlen (69) announced that he was no longer part of the popular talent show, but he returned to the jury for the current season. Now the pop titan is causing another surprise: With DSDS it’s not over yet!

“There was another question in the last few months. How to proceed… I’ve been reading for years, it’s coming to an end with planks. Now the question is what happens to DSDS. […] There’s a 21st season!”, the 69-year-old trumpets with joy in the middle of today’s live show. But that’s not all. There is one more update for the next edition. “We always had this age limit – it’s gone now. You can all apply now. Not younger than 16, but everything from 16 to apparently dead,” announced dieter. He fought for this change for years.

Online fans are divided. “April Fool’s Day: DSDS gets another season”a viewer commented on Twitter the news. “DSDS continues, why? Because otherwise you wouldn’t get any candidates for the jungle camp,” complains another user online. But some fans are also happy about the surprising extension. “DSDS goes on! Yay”, they look forward to the social media platform.