A candidate is slowed down so short on the home straight! Chief judge Heidi Klum (49) is looking for a new young model at Germany’s next top model for the 18th time this year. The casting show has been flickering across the screens since February and, of course, as always, it delivers one or two dramas. Now the top 10 have been determined and the competition is increasing! However, Somaija is not allowed to compete in the decision walk in this episode – she has to be in quarantine!

The girls at GNTM are regularly tested for Corona. In fact, the 21-year-old Somajia’s test was positive this time. For this reason, the woman from Bielefeld has to go into quarantine with immediate effect and will not be able to take part in the decision-making walk. “Now I’m actually doing quite well. I have no symptoms, but I’m still positive,” explains the reality TV participant. She is now isolated in her hotel room, which she normally shares with candidate Olivia.

The two girls have really grown together – even though they are competitors. Olivia is very sad that her roommate is ill. “Somaija is my second half. I hope she doesn’t feel any worse”, Olivia comments on the situation. The isolated TV show participant ends up walking through her room alone.

Source: celebtap.com