Elon Musk (51) makes even more changes to Twitter! The Tesla founder caused a sensation with the purchase of the social media platform at the beginning of November last year. After he had the users vote on his resignation as CEO – they agreed on his resignation – the magnate stayed with the company. Elon Twitter is now putting its own stamp on it again and removing the identifier!

How among other things The New York Times reported, some users on Monday noticed how the traditional blue bird icon was replaced with an image of a Shiba Inu. The dog meme stands for the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Addressing the update, the 51-year-old tweeted: “As promised” over a screenshot of a year-old conversation with a user. This one struck Elon proposes to “just buy Twitter and replace the Vogel logo with the Doge meme”.

It is unclear whether this is an extended April Fool’s joke and whether the new logo may only be used temporarily. Because the dog picture can only be seen on the desktop version for many users. CNN Business assumes that it is a dig of Elon who is being sued for 236 billion euros for supporting the crypto company.

Source: celebtap.com