Duchess Meghan (41) and Prince Harry (38) have been married since 2018. In 2020 they decided to give up their royal duties and go to America. Here the two raise their children Prince Archie (3) and Princess Lilibet (1) far away from the royals. After the royal exit, a documentary on Netflix and Harry’s memoirs followed. But why was it so difficult for Meghan to integrate into the royal family?

For her biography “Charles III With the Heart of a King” author Catherine Mayer interviewed some people. Again and again she heard that Harry and Meghan had become more snappy as active royals, especially in the last six months. Disputes and disagreements are said to have existed before that. The reason for this change, the author suspects: “Meghan had problems getting used to the peculiarities of the palace. Her professional success before didn’t count, it was more of a burden for her.” As a Hollywood star, she is said to have been used to being treated like a queen – as a prince consort she is said to have received instructions from others.

Catherine Mayer also writes about the media portrayal of Meghan and Harry: “The characterization of the couple as ‘difficult’ women and ‘henpecked men’ came up a lot. […] People now see what they expect.” The couple have increasingly had to deal with sexist and racist comments.

Source: celebtap.com