Are the chances of a love comeback really that bad? Megan Fox (36) and Machine Gun Kelly (32) are said to have taken a break from their relationship. In the past few months, the two would have distanced themselves from each other. The main reason is said to be the rapper’s alleged infidelity – he is also said to have had some foreign flirts. The actress is no longer wearing her engagement ring. And she may never wear the bling again…

Across from People Magazine an insider now explained that Megan is said to have great problems trusting her fiancé. “The whole thing really boils down to not working”, reported the confidante. The two are currently working on their relationship, but in terms of reconciliation it should look very bad. “Only time will tell if they get back together properly but that looks pretty unlikely at the moment,” the source added.

A few days ago, rumors of a possible relationship crisis between the two had become louder again. Megan had attended this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party all alone. So far, neither the actress nor the musician have confirmed that they are taking a break from their relationship.