Tanja Makarić (26) got some help! Julian Claßen’s girlfriend (30) has occasionally shown up with strong beauty filters in the past – that’s why a few followers of the influencer suspected that she might also use other tools in the form of beauty interventions. However, the brunette emphasized that she had nothing to do with herself. well has Tanya I guess she changed her mind and got nose and chin injections!

On the tik tokaccount of the cosmetics studio Aesthetify a video published in which Tanyas treatment can be seen. Apparently, her hyaluronic acid was injected into her nose and chin. “They did it really well for me,” says the former professional swimmer, adding: “It looks totally natural… They’ve done really well.”

The reactions to the result of Tanyas Injections were mostly positive. “[…] Didn’t need it at all, but still turned out very nice” or “Mega result”, for example, some users wrote in the comment column of the post.

Source: celebtap.com