The Eurovision Song Contest goes into the next round on Saturday! This will not only be a special day for the German band Lord of the Lost – ESC veteran Peter Urban (75) will also comment on the singing competition for the last time. But this year there will be another novelty – Barbara Schöneberger (49) actually announces the German points to the different countries. But this year someone else will do it!

And none other than Elton (52)! This is from a press release North German Radio out. The reason for this innovation is that barbara will be live in Liverpool this year to present “ESC – The Countdown” and “ESC – The Aftershow”. However, it is an official requirement that the presenters of the jury points must be in their own country.

It’s not the first time that Elton at the ESC in barbaras footsteps. In 2018, together with Tagesschau spokeswoman Linda Zervakis, he took over the moderation for the preliminary round of the singing competition. However, the fans didn’t like it at all at the time: “Oh pity that Barbara Schoeneberger no longer moderates the preliminary round, she is always in such a good mood and so refreshing”wrote a user Facebook.