Peter Klein (55) has had enough! Iris Klein’s (55) ex-boyfriend has already caused quite a bit of drama this year. His ex-partner had accused him of cheating on her with Yvonne Woelke (41) during his stay in Australia. The relationship then broke up and the two fought a public mud fight. Other TV and network acquaintances repeatedly interfered in the drama. Peter now announces that he will no longer react to anything.

After the 55-year-old, in his opinion, was once again made false allegations online, he is now drawing his conclusions. Peter announced in his Instagram-Story: “My response to future hostilities and posts about myself will be to just sit back, smile and enjoy the show.” Nevertheless, he did not want to put up with some things: “Should these posts then show criminally relevant content, I will hand them over directly to the lawyer.”

The fitness fan had already started questioning his handling of the drama a few weeks ago. “When you start to have doubts; when you don’t understand certain actions; when you think it can’t get any worse, but it is coming… Then it’s time to think about whether the previous approach was correct”had Peter found on the web.