Luisa Hartema (28) is honest! The former Germany’s next top model winner had a surprise in store for her followers on social media at the end of February: she announced that she was pregnant. There was a very small bulge in the picture she posted. She has presented this to her fans several times in the meantime. But she hasn’t revealed many details – until now: Across from celebrity flash reveals Luisathat the pregnancy was not planned!

But since she had some symptoms that indicated pregnancy, she bought a test: “I didn’t find out until week 9 because honestly it wasn’t really planned. […] That’s why it was a mixture of insecurity and great joy for me at the beginning, but the insecurities subsided very quickly.” Luisa shines on the beautiful baby belly pictures and seems overjoyed.

Luisas Partner was there when she found out about her miracle. “We both somehow suspected it inside, but still we couldn’t really believe it at first. It also took a bit until we realized it, but of course we were really happy and really happy.”stressed Luisa finally.