Why did Jana-Maria Herz (31) and Umut Tekin (25) remove all signs of their love on social media? The former Bachelor finalist and the one-time Bachelorette contestant have been dating since attending Bachelor in Paradise last year. A few days ago, however, both deleted all common pictures and unfollowed each other. They had a little crisis, but are now totally happy with each other again. Then why did they have to ban each other directly from their accounts?

“I didn’t just delete the photos. I had my reasons for doing so and that’s why I felt like I had to delete them.”the TV personality explained in her Instagram-Story. Actually, she doesn’t want to talk about it in public: “It’s a matter between me and my partner.” Your fans would just have to accept that.

That at her and umut everything is fine again, you can Jana Maria see in their story. With a beaming smile, she announced: “Next Wednesday I’m flying to Ravensburg and I’m so excited, after such a long time – well, it’s only been two or three weeks – but I’m so excited to have him in my arms again.”

Source: celebtap.com