Nicht bei "Let's Dance": Renata Lusin erwartet Nachwuchs!

Surprising news from Renata Lusin (35)! The professional dancer should soon have danced with a star at Let’s Dance. She has won the cup several times with a celebrity. In 2021 she won together with the hottie Rúrik Gíslason (34). At the end of January it was officially confirmed that she will also be there this year. But that has now been withdrawn: Because Renata is pregnant!

As the official Instagram account of “Let’s Dance” announces, Malika Dzumaev will take the place of the native Russian – there is a very cute reason for this: because Renata and her husband Valentin Lusin (35) are becoming parents! “Renata and Valentin are expecting their first child together and we congratulate them on this special news. For Renata, family and health are now central”it says in the proclamation posting.

In fact, Renata had wanted to keep the good news to herself. But her doctor advised her against any extreme sport, which is why she’s out this season. The fans are very happy with the cute message: “What great news! Congratulations Renata and Valentin” is just one of many congratulations under the message.