Amazon Prime Video is regularly available for 99 cents. But where often the same movies get caught up in that action, today the streaming giant scores with a slew of extraordinary highlights that have never been cheaper:

Time and time again, Amazon Prime Video lures with 99 cent promotions, which often feature theatrical films from the past two years at a bargain price – offering a great opportunity to catch up at home for little money on the big screen. The disadvantage? Often the same films end up in the offer. For a change, the streaming giant’s brand new bargain campaign only falls into this category to a limited extent.

Than As of now, on Amazon Prime Video, you can stream tons of great movies for 99 cents that have never been cheaper! It’s worth browsing, especially since some of them are real insider tips and movieswhich unfortunately was never regularly shown in cinemas in this country.

» Overview: All movies for 99 cents on Amazon Prime Video*

We therefore recommend that you browse the overview at your leisure – it’s worth it. For those who do not want to look for pearls themselves, we have of course selected a number of titles that we think are worth mentioning:

Highlights for 99 cents on Amazon Prime Video

The painted bird“: Hardly any film from the recent past has upset Christoph Petersen, chief critic of CELEBTAP, as much as Václav Marhoul’s black-and-white epic, which feels like a three-hour punch in the stomach. It really doesn’t get much more difficult. The conclusion of the CELEBTAP review states: “A movie that not only dispels belief in humanity, but literally smashes it, chops it up, fucks it up in the most beautiful black and white pictures imaginable and then burns it .” also the remains.”

» “Painted Bird” on Amazon Prime Video*

alienoid“: Do you like spectacular sci-fi action, visually stunning fantasy, historical films and martial arts? Then the Korean genre mix is ​​for you – because it combines all of this in a very creative way:

» “Alienoid” on Amazon Prime Video*

Three thousand years of desire“: If you’re wondering what “Mad Max: Fury Road” creator George Miller actually does, he recently shot the epic fantasy movie “Three Thousand Years Of Longing” among others, in which you’ll find lots of crazy ideas and stars like Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton are expecting:

» “Three Thousand Years of Desire” on Amazon Prime Video*

Sleepover massacre“: The reboot of the legendary slasher series of the same name is one of the biggest horror insider tips of 2022 not only for the author of this article. Here you can expect not only a classic forest hut slasher, but entertaining and gory fun that takes old-fashioned taking genre conventions to the next level in a way not seen before.

» “Slumber Party Massacre” on Amazon Prime Video*

Twilight behind the eyes“: On the other hand, if you want to see for yourself what German indie cinema is doing right now, you should check it out here. Ripped penises (!) and a pretty crazy orgy await you in this genre gem:

» “Behind the Eyes the Twilight” on Amazon Prime Video*

Animals – Such as wild animals“: Finally another punch in the stomach: with 4.5 stars in the CELEBTAP review, ‘Animals’ is not only one of the best, but also one of the toughest films of 2022. So much can be revealed: this film is in every not for nothing as part of the “Kino Kontrovers” series for home cinema…

» “Animals” on Amazon Prime Video*

As usual: The 99 cent promotion runs from Friday (today) to Sunday (February 19, 2023). Until then you have time to borrow the desired titles. Once rented, you have 30 days to watch the movies in question. Once you hit play once, you have 48 hours to finish watching a movie.

And if you’re not keen on paying extra for streaming, starting today Amazon has a real highlight for you with Nicolas Cage – which you can even watch for free without a Prime subscription:

Stream now for free (!): You can now see Nicolas Cage in one of his best roles on Amazon – without a Prime subscription

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