This has never happened before! Comedian Oliver Pocher (45) and model Sandy Meyer-Wölden (40) are proud parents of a little daughter despite their separation. However, the fans of the two did not see anything from Nayla-Alessandra, because Oliver and Sandy have not shown their daughter online so far. Not a big surprise, as the comedian is notoriously disapproving of sharing photos of children on social media. But now Oliver seemed to have had a change of heart: For the first time he shared pictures of his 13-year-old daughter.

In its Instagramstory, the moderator shared three photos in which his fans could get a first glimpse of Nayla-Alessandra. Although the teenager’s face remained hidden, her long, curly mane in particular caught the eye in the snapshots. You could see Oliver’s daughter driving an e-scooter, on the way to a helicopter flight and in front of a canyon in Arizona.

Oliver’s wife Amira Pocher (30) recently commented on the relationship between her husband and his ex Sandy. “We are a family and by that I mean all his children and of course Sandy is part of that. I’m happy for him when he gets to spend time with his kids in America and I would never stand in the way,” Amira said.