Olaf Moehle enlighten now! Iris Klein (55) has been making headlines for months: After she claimed that her husband Peter (55) had an affair with Yvonne Woelke (41), TV fame split up. Now wants himself iris plunge back into dating life. Daniela Katzenberger’s (36) mother (36) occasionally hinted online that she had something going on with the golf teacher. Across from celebrity flash denied Olaf but now the dating rumors!

celebrity flash the golfer told that between him and iris nothing worked: “Iris Klein never had a date with me – even though I’m single!” The joint meetings had namely had a completely different background, like Olaf also revealed: “It was just golf lessons, like I often have with other celebrities!”

That iris repeatedly fired up the dating rumors herself, gradually got on her fans’ nerves: “It’s so ridiculous. Always childish, pubescent hints so that she stays in the conversation” or “Iris is using the attention far too much right now… wants to be on everyone’s lips and is staging any dates with wannabe celebrities. Something’s fishy there!”some users raged under a celebrity flash post Instagram.

Source: celebtap.com