Olly Murs (38) competes with his girlfriend. Things couldn’t be better for the singer at the moment. The “Heart Skips a Beat” hitmaker proposed to his girlfriend Amelia Tank in June last year. Wedding bells will soon be ringing for the couple. But before that happens, it seems Olly wanting to slip into the role of your loved one: He poses just like the pro female bodybuilder!

amelia shared Instagram a photo of the singer flexing his muscles in red cactus pajama shorts. Olly showed off his impressive six pack abs and hamstrings as he tensed for the snap that follows Amelia’s numerous trophies. As an encore, he put on her huge tiara. His sweetheart wrote along with the photo: “Forget the tour, this clown thinks he’s ready for my training. That or he’s just trying to avoid getting in the ice bath.”

The singer recently indicated that the wedding could be coming up soon. The two probably spent their last vacation before the wedding: The “Troublemaker” interpreter shared some pictures from their Barbados vacation in January. “Our Last Vacation as Mister and Miss”wrote the singer.

Source: celebtap.com