Manuel Neuer (37) is beaming from ear to ear. The FC Bayern Munich goalkeeper is currently taking a break from sport. The reason: The footballer broke his leg in a skiing accident last December. Since then there has been much speculation as to whether the kicker will be allowed to defend Bayern’s goal again or whether he will be replaced. Even if there is a crisis in his career, the football professional still has every reason to be happy: his girlfriend Anika does not leave his side! Now Manuel has even been spotted with his loved ones at a handball game.

Last weekend, HC Erlangen played against ASV Hamm-Westfalen, which Neuer and his partner couldn’t miss: in a brown turtleneck sweater and a black leather jacket, the blonde followed the game spellbound, while her boyfriend in a white T-shirt and with black cap couldn’t take his eyes off the field either. While sitting in the spectator stand, it seemed as if the handball player and the soccer player were enjoying their time together very much – finally they couldn’t stop laughing, huh photos at Picture show.

Manuel could soon leave his place in a grandstand again: Like them AZ now reported, the athlete’s rehabilitation is going well. For this reason, contrary to speculation, Neuer should probably be back in goal next season. The training preparations for this will already begin next July. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed.