Megan Fox (36) and Machine Gun Kelly (32) take a break! Rumors of a love crisis between the actress and the musician have been circulating for a few weeks. After it was initially said that Colson Baker, as the singer’s real name is, is said to have cheated, the Transformers actress later denied the rumors herself. Nevertheless, the couple is currently in a difficult phase. Megan and MGK have taken a relationship break and even put their wedding plans together on hold!

As an insider now opposes Us Weekly blurted out, should Megan and Colson are actually going their separate ways and are on hiatus. A wedding is therefore out of the question. “They have put wedding planning on hold to work on their issues. Their relationship is pretty volatile at the moment. They are not currently dating but still text each other.”the source reveals, explaining that this is why the two won’t be appearing together anywhere anytime soon.

As another source recently pointed out Page Six reported that the two are said to have sought professional help to get their problems under control. “[Sie] speak to a couples therapist daily via Zoom. Megan believes they must give therapy a chance before making any lasting decisions”revealed the informant.