Justin Timberlake (42) honors his Jessica Biel (41)! The singer and the actress have been married for around eleven years. They also became parents to two children in 2015 and 2020. How in love they are after all the time together, the two like to show again and again on social media. Now judge justin touching words for Mother’s Day to his jessica!

“This person here,” the musician catches his contribution Instagram and also shares a series of sweet snaps of his sweetheart. “Mom, partner, brilliant, beautiful, badass…you are always there for me and the boys no matter the time of day or night”counts justin raving up. He was very grateful to his wife for this and was in awe of her. “We always love you, your little boys and the big kid you said yes to,” the pop star signs his touching text.

Just a few months ago, the “Valentine’s Day” actress wrote a similar text for her loved one’s birthday. “Happy Birthday to the person who challenges and inspires me every day. The person who makes me laugh and makes me create and risk everything. The person who makes the ordinary extraordinary. You know who is meant. I love you”congratulated jessica her justin.

Source: celebtap.com