She is in the psychiatric ward! Amanda Bynes (36) is an American actress. Her career peaked between 1990 and 2000. In her personal life, however, the actress has struggled with substance abuse. In 2010, she announced she was taking a break from acting to deal with her issues. Now an eyewitness said that Amanda was found naked and then taken to psychiatric custody.

An insider reported TMZthat the actress was spotted walking around Los Angeles with her clothes off. She then stopped a car and told the driver of the vehicle that she was recovering from a psychotic episode. She is said to have dialed the emergency number herself. The magazine’s law enforcement sources said she was taken to the police station, where a mental health team decided she needed to be admitted to a psychiatric ward.

Amanda was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at an early age. After a series of bizarre incidents, including one in which she set fire to her neighbor’s driveway, she was taken to a psychiatric ward for treatment. Amanda was scheduled to attend the 90s Con in Connecticut this weekend, but canceled due to her health.