Jakub Merlan-Jarecki (27) admits mistakes! A few months ago, the former kicker and his wife Kate Merlan (36) decided to go their separate ways in the future. At Prominent separated, however, the two reality starlets met again and seemed to be getting closer. But as the Tempation Island VIP candidate now admits, he’s lost his ex’s trust again. Jakub admits that he misbehaved on Malle vacation!

in one Instagramstatement gives Jakub information about how things are currently between him and Kate looks. “I didn’t behave well in Mallorca. I broke agreements between the two of us and also abused their trust, you have to say it like it is.”and adds that that’s why his estranged wife also liked the recently recorded “prominently separated“-The reunion went visibly badly. And that, although Jakub and Kate according to his statements, were actually on the right track.

Jakub also makes it clear that he now wants to change fundamental behavior. “We’re not a couple at the moment. […] I need to regain her trust now. But we have clarified one thing in this conversation: We just want to pull together now, […] without constant back and forth”he explains and affirms that he wants to work hard for it.

Source: celebtap.com