An era comes to an end. Harrison Ford (80) has been playing the archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones in the film series of the same name since 1981. He has already been able to inspire his fans in the role four times in total. In June, the fifth part “Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny” will be released in cinemas. At the same time, however, the film will also Harrison’s last adventure as Indiana Jones be!

“It’s the last film in the series and it’s the last time I play this character”the film star openly admits in an interview totally movie to. Although there is a rumor that Disney is planning a series about the treasure-hunting hero, it is Harrison stresses that he will not be involved if the project goes ahead.

The trailer already hinted that the new film will be set in different decades. Some scenes show a younger one Indiana Jones in the 60s. However, the 80-year-old also stood in front of the camera himself and was probably transported back to his youth using computer technology. This is a technique commonly used in Hollywood called de-aging.