All things must come to an end, as nice as it is – not even 48 Emmy Award nominations change that. Creator Jesse Armstrong himself explains why the super successful HBO series “Succession” has ended after four seasons.


48 Emmy nominations (won 13), nine Golden Globe nominations (won five), 13 Critics Choice Television Awards (won five), and so on and so forth… The three seasons of HBO’s Succession” have just about every award up there has been dragged into TV production and fans of the thrilling family history can be found all over the world. The fourth season of the popular series is already in the starting blocks – but after that it’s over!

In conversation with The New Yorkers has “Succession” makers Jesse Armstrong now reveal that after the fourth season of the HBO series there will be no more. This news comes as no surprise. Lead actor Brian Cox already announced in the past that the cast does not expect more than two rounds of play after season 3. But now it is certain: there will not be a fifth season.

That’s why there is no 5th season of “Succession”

In the interview, Jesse Armstrong talks at length about the reasons for his decision – which he did not make alone, but as always in collaboration with his Writers Room. So we thought long and hard about how to proceed. There were two more seasons, several short seasons or the option of opening up the series structures more and relying on a very long runtime and many more episodes.

But there was also the opportunity to make a strong, complex last season and that was finally decided. That this decision was the right one became apparent during the writing process and after the start of the recordings for the fourth season.

“I never thought this would go on forever. Ever since season two, I’ve been thinking about the end of the show and wondering, will it be in the next season? Or the one after,” Armstrong explains. He also believes that the title of the series, which means “succession” in German, promises an end. For connoisseurs of “Succession” this makes a lot of sense.

That’s what “Succession” is all about

Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is one of the most powerful media magnates in the world and he knows his empire is about to find a successor. His children Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkan), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Connor (Alan Ruck) are ready to follow in his footsteps. But in the end, only one person can be at the top of the company.

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The question of who will be Roy’s successor plunges the family into a serious crisis. Problems and disputes that have always strained sibling relationships can no longer be swept under the rug. And Logan isn’t really ready to give up his life’s work just yet. And whether he wants to leave it to his children is anything but certain.

What initially sounds unspectacular and not particularly unusual, turns out to be an exciting series that is addictive after the first few episodes. The different, not particularly likable characters and their questionable lifestyles create a story that builds real appeal.

“Succession” runs in Germany on the Sky/WOW streaming service. The fourth and final season will begin on April 11, 2023.

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