With “Desperado” Robert Rodriguez created a cult classic for eternity. If you want to see it for yourself, you’ve only got a few days left on Netflix. The film will soon – along with numerous others – disappear from the platform.

He’s known for the spectacular manga adaptation “Alita: Battle Angel,” the masterful film adaptation of “Sin City,” and the outrageous grindhouse fireworks “Planet Terror” — but Robert Rodriguez spent years laying the groundwork for exactly those large-scale productions back in the day. With hits that are as cool as they are exaggerated, the action and violence got completely out of hand, in which the screenwriter and director regularly celebrates his homeland, Texas, which borders Mexico.

A textbook example of Robert Rodriguez’s cinema is his second feature film, with which he made his definitive breakthrough in Hollywood: in despair‘ is only available on Netflix until February 28, 2023 – and if you don’t already know the movie, the author of this article can only recommend that you take a look. That is, if you like relentless over-the-top action, snappy dialogue and mariachi sounds. Because “Desperado” is one of the most iconic FSK 18 tears of the 90s, the coolness of which is practically unparalleled to this day.

“Desperado”: lead, blood & lots of charisma

“Desperado” is the second installment in Rodriguez’s Mexico trilogy and continues the story of the mariachi who accidentally slipped into a lead adventure in “El Mariachi” because he was mistaken for an assassin. But now he swings the guns with calculation. Since the murder of his lover, he has only one thing on his mind: bloody revenge.

Antonio Banderas as the ultimate gunfighter, Salma Hayek in the role that didn’t happen to get her big break, and plenty of familiar faces (such as Quentin Tarantino, Danny Trejo, or Cheech Marin) that Rodriguez later referenced in films like From Dusk Till Dawn” or Putting “Machete”: Yes, “Desperado” not only scores with numerous wonderfully crazy characters, but above all with a well-laid star ensemble – in rolls that are all tailor-made.

Incidentally, Banderas and Co. with grandiosely exaggerated shootouts mercilessly entering the hearts of their audience. Those with a penchant for realistic action should stay away, everyone else can look forward to completely frenzied firefights in which no stone is left unturned – and rows of gangsters fly across the screen!

Moreover, Rodriguez simply knows how to stage iconic cinema moments for eternity. Whether it’s a gang boss lighting his match on the cheek of his bearded accomplice, or a ceiling fan falling on a mobster lying unconscious on the floor and gleefully hitting him one after the other: “Desperado” is full of great ideas that still make him one of the coolest, funniest and most entertaining FSK 18 actors of the 90’s. Yes, Robert Rodriguez is considered a pioneer of exploitation cinema for a reason.

If you’re excited about the movie on Netflix, the predecessor “El Mariachi” mentioned at the beginning and its successor “Sometime in Mexico” (with Johnny Depp, among others) are also worth watching. All three films are available as VOD for a small thaler and as a set on Blu-ray*.

»On Amazon Prime Video: “El Mariachi”* / “in despair”* / “Somewhere in Mexico”*

And for those who still can’t get enough of it after three movies, the author of this article recommends “Rebel Without A Crew: Of How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player”*. The origin story of Rodriguez’s feature debut is one of the most inspiring and entertaining movie books out there – and has now been made into a movie under the title “Red 11”.

Even more cult coming soon from Netflix

In addition, many other films will also disappear from Netflix in the coming days. Including one or the other cult hit:

Anyone who has felt like watching the original for the first time or again after the famous “Top Gun: Maverick” has only until February 28 on Netflix – that’s how long Tony Scott’s “Top Gun” is still available. The same applies to the first six Eberhofer thrillers with Sebastian Bezzel and Simon Schwarz: “Dampfnudelblues”, “Winterkartoffelknödel”, “Schweinskopf al dente”, “Grießnockerlaffäre”, “Sauerkrautkoma” and “Leberkäsjunkie” say goodbye at the turn of the month. Guy Ritchie’s legendary directorial debut “Jack, Queen, King, grAs” is only available until February 27.

Sealed with blood oath! Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron still want to bring “Alita: Battle Angel 2” to the cinema!

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