She is now queen! King Charles III (74) and Camilla (75) have been going through life together for many years. After the Queen’s son (✝96) had been married to Princess Diana (✝36), he dared to step down the aisle again in 2005. Today was the official coronation of the royal. But in addition to him, his wife Camilla also received the crown and her official title. Camilla’s coronation is anything but good for fans on the net!

At Instagram a post about her coronation was posted on the Royal Family’s official account. However, the comments are quite negative. “I respect the duties of the queen, but I speak on behalf of many who feel that someone else should have been in this place today, the queen of hearts,” “she will never be my queen,” or “The real queen is called Lady Di”three users commented on the photo of Camilla.

After the official ceremony in Westminster Abbey, the royal family appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Side by side, Charles and Camilla waved to the cheering crowd. Next to them were the heir to the throne Prince William (40) and his wife Princess Kate (41) with their three children. With the exception of Prince Andrew (63), all of the king’s siblings entered the palace balcony. There was also no trace of Prince Harry (38).