Prince Harry’s (38) visit will only be a short guest appearance. The son of King Charles (74) lives with his wife Duchess Meghan (41) in the USA and turned his back on his royal duties. However, he is flying to his royal family for his father’s coronation, which will take place on May 6th. However, Prince Harry only stays a few hours – and will miss some events!

As opposed to a source Mirror admitted, the royal dropout will only attend the coronation ceremony itself – and then immediately fly back home to his family. His son Archie (3) has his birthday on the same day. So Harry misses all other events – such as the big coronation concert, where Take That and Katy Perry (38) will appear, among others. “The organizers have been told that Harry will not be attending the concert with the rest of the royal family, which is a shame as it will be such a spectacular event.”explains the insider.

Immediately after the coronation, Harry will fly back home. “Harry wants to be at the coronation and celebrate Archie’s birthday. The flight from London to Los Angeles is about 10 hours so he could be back with his family for dinner around 5pm.”an insider explained Daily Mail.