In the trailer of the crime drama “Devil’s Peak” a look at an unfortunately all too realistic scenario in the American province awaits you. It’s all brightened up by several familiar faces like that of the always entertaining Billy Bob Thornton:

The production, sale and consumption of crystal meth is a huge problem in many rural areas of the United States. Fans of local crime thrillers know this thanks to such grandiose TV series as “Breaking Bad” or “Justified”.

Hounds Of Love and Extinction director Ben Young’s new work Devil’s Peak is also set in this scenario. With Robin Wright and her son Hopper Jack Penn and Billy Bob Thornton.

“Devil’s Peak” begins in the US on February 17, 2023 in select cinemas and streaming exactly seven days later. There is currently no information available about a release date or the type of publication in Germany.

The film is based on the novel Where All Lights End by David Joy. If you want to waste the time waiting for a local launch of “Devil’s Peak” by reading the book, you can get it in print or e-book format in German.

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“Devil’s Peak”: That’s what it’s all about

Cashiers is a small town in the foothills of the Appalachians and home to 18-year-old Jacob (Hopper Jack Penn). His father (Billy Bob Thornton) rules the area with an iron fist and manufactures synthetic drugs. The money made from their sales is laundered at the legal auto repair shop, while the local sheriff (Jackie Earle Haley) is on payroll and ignores the criminal activity.

Jacob is torn between wanting to put everything behind him and worrying about his mother (Robin Wright), who is the only one who dares to challenge his father. An inspiration to him is his childhood friend Maggie (Katelyn Nacon), with whom he has a crush and who always encourages him to take the plunge. But then Jacob is brutally drawn into his father’s crimes…

“Seven” star Morgan Freeman is on the hunt for murder again: Trailer for the gritty thriller “The Minute You Wake Up Dead” Here’s the cast of “Devil’s Peak”

The two biggest names in the cast are Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton (Monster’s Ball, Fargo) and Robin Wright (Golden Globe for House Of Cards). The actual lead role of the film is played by Hopper Jack Penn from Netflix’s “War Machine”. Penn is also Wright’s real-life son from her long-term relationship with Sean Penn.

Also Jackie Earle Haley (“Watchmen”), nominated for his role in “Little Children”, and Katelyn Nacon from seasons five through nine of The Walking Dead. Also starring Emma Booth (Once Upon A Time), Harrison Gilbertson (Upgrade), Brian d’Arcy James from Spotlight and Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story.

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