Otto Kilcher Bio, Personal Life, Net Worth, Wives And Children

Otto Kilcher Bio, Personal Life, Net Worth, Wives And Children

Instead of playing around, as most children would do, Otto Kilcher preferred in his early days to keep his hands busy repairing things in the house. As an adult, he is known as a craftsman, but apparently, handicrafts followed him from childhood on, when he loved to experiment with objects in the house, repairing them or transforming the condemned into other things that would prove very useful.

For Otto Kilcher, there is nothing better than junk or garbage; all he has to do is put his skillful hands on it, and it is transformed into a treasure. It was not, however, his transformation of confiscates into treasures that made him famous; he joined the celebrity faction when he became the star of the Alaska television series: The Last Frontier. The American television series depicts the experiences of the Kilcher dynasty, focusing on how they survived the harsh weather conditions that kept people away from Alaska for decades. Remarkably, the family has done this for four generations, and for what it’s worth, they have made life in Alaska bearable without the privileges of modern amenities.

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Otto Kilcher Bio

Unlike most people who immigrated to Alaska from another city, Otto Kilcher was born directly on Alaskan soil. His date of birth is April 19, 1952, and the exact place of birth is listed as Homer. His parents – Yule Kilcher (father) and his wife Ruth Kilcher – emigrated from their home in Switzerland during World War II and settled in Alaska in the United States. The Kilchers made themselves at home in Alaska and controlled several acres of land.

Otto Kilcher – Bio, Personal Life, Net Worth, Wives And Children
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There is no record of Otto attending any school as a child, but he taught himself to put things in order, among other skills. He was always the cell phone person in the family. He tried out new techniques and experiments on things in the house, especially condemning mechanical objects, which he usually turns into more useful things. He also took care of the family’s livestock to ensure that there was meat for everyone.

This modest lifestyle continued for years until the spotlight found Otto and the rest of his family. When you live in the cold country of Alaska, the dream of being in the limelight feels like building castles in the air. This impossibility became possible with the advent of several television shows that helped many of the residents achieve fame. For the Kilcher family, it was Alaska: The Last Frontier that changed their history.

The Discovery Channel program captures the lives of Otto Kilcher, his older brother Atz, and the rest of the family as it has grown over the years. It focuses on their daily activities and their survival strategies in the sparsely populated area that many people are reluctant to enter. Fascinated by the survival techniques the Kilchers come up with every time there is a challenge, the show, which has already produced eight seasons, has won a growing fan base. The first part of the series came to the big screen on December 29, 2011.

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Net Worth

He is an entrepreneur with the brand name Otto Machine and has earned a lot of money with this facility as a machine ace and mechanic. Otto’s performances in Alaska: The Last Frontier also did a lot of good for his net worth, which is in the range of 4 to 5 million US dollars.

Personal Life: Wives and Children

Otto Kilcher – Bio, Personal Life, Net Worth, Wives And Children
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Otto Kilcher has tasted the marriage waters three times. He is currently enjoying marital bliss with his third wife – biologist Charlotte Irene Adamson. With her, Otto has a son named August Kilcher and a stepson, Torey, who comes from Adamson’s former relationship.

Before Charlotte, there were two women who held the position of Otto’s wife at different times. The first was Olga von Ziegesar, but details about their marriage are not known, although their love story apparently ended in divorce without children. Since Otto did not give up on love, he took Sharon McKemie as his second lawfully wedded wife. The couple produced two children – Levi Kilcher and Eivin Kilcher before they stopped in 1987.

Otto was careful to pass on his creative abilities to his children. He taught them how to make the things they needed from any available material.

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