Amy Slaton Halterman and her husband Michael are now going their separate ways. The TV stars are known from the show “Our life with 500 kg”. The two welcomed their first son together, Gage, around three years ago. Little Glenn followed last year. But not even a year later the shock: Amy and Michael have split up!

How US magazines now found out, the two are now going their separate ways. Michael reportedly filed for divorce from Amy on March 13 in Kentucky, according to court documents. However, the two reality stars have not yet commented personally on this.

In “Our life with 500 kg” Amy raved about her loved one. “My husband Michael means everything to me. Me and Michael are newly married but we’ve been together for four years now.”she explained at the start of the series in 2020. He also always helped Amy’s sister Tammy Slaton with her weight loss.