Whether Netflix continues or cancels a series is anything but certain these days. Lately, however, we’ve definitely seen more news about the end of successful formats. “Outer Banks” fans can look forward to supplies!

The third season of the popular Netflix series “Outer Banks” has just started and most viewers are probably not done with the ten new episodes. But as always, when you jump headlong into a new season of your favorite series, the question quickly arises: what happens after the last episode?

The good news: Outer Banks Season 4 is coming! After the ten current episodes, it is certainly not over. At an “Outer Banks” event in California a few days ago, the sequel was announced and, of course, immediately celebrated. It is not yet known when the new episodes will appear on Netflix.

This is how “Outer Banks” continues

The second season of “Outer Banks” ended with a pretty big surprise, which of course also comes up in the third season of the series. Big John (Charles Halford) is alive and more trouble with his son John B (Chase Stokes) is inevitable. In addition, the Pogues now live on a lonely island, which they have named Poguelandia, and enjoy themselves very much. They fish, swim and enjoy life – until suddenly everything revolves around treasure and they have to fear for their lives.

Of course, we don’t yet know what the fourth season of “Outer Banks” will look like. The fact that it’s continuing beyond Season 3 isn’t too surprising – even though Netflix feels like it’s been putting more series on hold than it’s expanding formats of late. During the first season, “Outer Banks” author Jonas Pate revealed that the material would be enough for five full seasons of the adventure series. So that means it doesn’t have to end after season 4…

The third season of Outer Banks is currently streaming on Netflix. It is not yet known when season 4 will start.

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