The number of David Jackson’s rose candidates is getting smaller and smaller! This year’s bachelor is looking for great love. The chances of finding the woman of your dreams may not be that bad: the coveted bachelor seems to have already developed an emotional bond with one or the other candidate. But apparently that didn’t work for one: David sent Colleen Schneider home on the night of the roses!

David had doubts before colleens Had reasons for participating – apparently he had not been able to overcome them completely. The blonde had to go home. “It was really extremely difficult for me today. I think it’s a shame that we don’t have more time at this point,” he argued. However, the beauty took her expulsion very sporty: “We had distance between us. If the spark doesn’t jump, then it doesn’t jump, you can’t choose that.”

But colleen wasn’t the only woman to leave the show that episode. Two women got out voluntarily: Giovanna Langhorst and Tami Nehrbass wanted to David not to get to know more of their own accord.