Jessica Haller (33) sometimes has a guilty conscience because of her health problems. The influencer made it public in February that she was suffering from severe headaches and back pain. In order to have this examined in detail, the Spaniard by choice even flew to Germany. Her doctor had advised her, among other things, to change her training plan. But Jessi doesn’t just have to deal with the whole thing physically. She sometimes feels bad about her daughter because of this.

In your InstagramThe 33-year-old told the story that she felt unwell from time to time. “When I’m in pain and I’m just not there 100 percent and can’t find the power for my daughter that I need or that I would like to have. Only then do I feel powerless and bad.”, she explained in more detail. Apart from that, however, she is a strong woman: “No one goes through life without making mistakes or is finished on a certain day and knows everything better. I always tell myself that when I doubt myself or am not brave enough.”

Little Hailey-Su (1) changed Jessi’s priorities: “I used to be fresh and styled every day – today maybe once a week or once a month really.” But the entrepreneur also finds her work very demanding.