Podcast Goes Streaming: Fans of “Zeit crime” have reason to rejoice, as Paramount+ is now planning a series implementation of the popular crime podcast. Four cases discussed in the podcast should form the starting signal for the series project.


Paramount+ is expanding its streaming offering in Germany and also treading previously little-used paths: As has since been announced, the streaming provider is planning a series adaptation of the popular true crime podcast.time crime“.

The fiction series is based on the popular podcast “ZEIT Crime” from ZEIT Online, in which Sabine Rückert and other ZEIT reporters carefully review and prepare criminal cases in a manner suitable for podcasts for the listener. In the series, four filmmakers each have to use a case from the podcast as a template for their story. Each of the four episodes should have a running time of almost 60 minutes.

The series is produced by XFilme Creative Pool, which is also responsible for successful productions such as “Babylon Berlin” and “The Kangaroo Chronicles”. Filming began in February 2023 and will continue until the end of June. The start of the series on Paramount+ can therefore be expected at the end of this year or even early 2024.

Podcast will stream

The episodes are staged by a total of four different filmmakers: Faraz Shariat (“Futur Drei”), Helene Hegemann (“Axolotl Overkill”), Mariko Minoguchi (“My End. Your Beginning”) and Jan Bonny (“Winter’s Tale”) are responsible for directing and writing.

Each of the stories is supposed to take a “very own narrative approach” and open up “unprecedented perspectives on the crime genre”, at least that’s what Jorgo Narjes and Uwe Schott, the producers of XFilme Creative Pool, promise in the press release on the series. Time will tell if the grandiose announcements can be kept The approach to adding a streaming component to one of the country’s largest and most popular podcasts is absolutely thrilling.

The crime podcast “Zeit Krimin” has been produced since 2018 and appears every 14 days. With almost 5 million streams per month and an average of 1.5 million streams per episode, it is one of the most popular podcasts in Germany.

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