What is Prince Harry (38) really up to? In recent years, the relationship between him and his British royal family has suffered greatly. The reason for this was, among other things, the resignation of his royal duties and Harry’s autobiography, in which he shot at the royals, also contributed to this. Nevertheless, the Californian by choice will attend the coronation of his father Charles (74). But instead of smoothing things over between him and his family, the redhead plans something completely different: Harry wants to continue shooting against the Royal Family with new stories!

At least that’s what the former butler claims to his mother Diana (✝36). UK News: “He will also collect anecdotes for his next attack on his family.” Paul Burrell (64) also believes that the 38-year-old will be successful: “Harry keeps the door open and keeps his trademark of being a royal. That’s what Americans love, the fact that they are royals.”

Although Harry is pursuing his plans according to the butler, it is said that he finds it difficult to participate. “Harry will have to face his family who have criticized him. He will even have to bow and kiss the hand of Queen Camilla (75) and it will be a very hard pill to swallow.”explained Paul also, alluding to Harry’s point in his memoir against Camilla.

Source: celebtap.com