Top or flop? In the dance show Let’s Dance, prominent novice dancers swing across the dance floor with professional dancers. The show has been captivating viewers for 16 years and has ensured high ratings. But last week the shock: for the first time in the history of “Let’s Dance”, the dance couples were reshuffled for a show. How did this change go down with viewers?

On the net, only a few fans had previously been enthusiastic about the exchange. But after yesterday’s episode, some of them seem to have been taught better. “Great show and everyone really did a great job of swapping partners”writes a fan under the Instagram– Contribution to the dance show. Another follower clarifies: “All the dancing couples were great!” One couple drew everyone’s attention: Sharon Battiste (31) and Valentin Lusin (36) convinced the spectators and then secured the maximum number of points.

But it seems another change awaits viewers. “Let’s Dance” announced online: “You thought the partner swap was everything? April, April!” The dance show also announces that it is looking forward to exciting innovations. In the comments, a viewer jokes: “The points that Mr. Llambi awards are automatically doubled.”