Zsolt Sándor Cseke (35) is living his dream. Born in Romania, he reached the final of Let’s Dance this year with his dance partner Julia Beautx (24). In the end, however, it wasn’t enough for Malika Dzumaev’s (32) partner to win. He reacted to second place with mixed feelings. Nevertheless stressed Zsolt across from celebrity flashhow much it meant to him, the passion for dancing Julia to have sparked. Because he himself loves dance sport more than anything!

“Dancing is my passion, my life. I want to do my best every year”gushed Zsolt in an interview with celebrity flash after the finale of “Let’s Dance”. Of course he would like to come with me Julia won the show. However, he is all the more grateful for the opportunity to have turned his passion into a profession.

“I can express myself through dancing and say thank you. I owe everything to dancing. I have Malika met, I came to Germany to dance and I’m now on ‘Let’s Dance'”, the 35-year-old reviewed his life.

Source: celebtap.com