In a bizarre and unexpected turn of events, Pat Sajak, the beloved host of the hit game show “Wheel of Fortune,” appeared to physically assault a contestant named Fred Jackson during a recent episode.

However, it soon became apparent that Sajak was joking with Jackson, who had revealed earlier in the show that he was a professional wrestler.

Despite not actually participating in a physical wrestling match with Jackson, Sajak’s actions nevertheless raised some eyebrows and caused a series of reactions from fans of the show.

Some found the exchange humorous and entertaining, while others expressed discomfort and concern over Sajak’s behavior.

In addition to this recent incident, Sajak has also been accused of making other contestants feel uncomfortable on the show, such as when he mocked a contestant’s fear of fish or pulled a man’s beard.

Regardless of how viewers feel about Sajak’s antics, it’s clear that he’s still a regular on “Wheel of Fortune” and his unique wit and personality are a big part of what makes the show so loved by audiences around the world .