Paul Gray, who was also commonly known as the Pig. He was an American musician, bassist, backing vocalist, lead songwriter and a founding member of the famous heavy metal band Slipknot.

In recent years, the heavy metal band has faced lineup changes since its formation in 1995.

Paul, along with Shawn Crahan and Joey Jordison, gave birth to the band and has since welcomed nine more members.

Nearly thirteen years ago, the music world lost bassist Paul Gray. However, the Slipknot audience has to endure the heartbreaking news of Gray’s untimely death.

In 2022, fans took the time to relive Gray’s greatness and his contribution to the music industry, saying that the founders of the heavy metal band Slipknot would have given more hits if he hadn’t succeeded.

On May 24, 2022, Aberdeen’s heaviest radio show, Heavy Granite, tweeted about Paul saying: “Still sorely missed.”

Loudwire also shared an interview they had with the bassist in the past where he talked about their “Slipknot” track.

According to the late musician, it was the very first song they worked on before they even started working with Joey Jordison.

Paul Gray said: “We all thought the name Slipknot rolled off the tongue pretty easily, and we needed a name so we could play the show. We did another show before that and we called Meld, but we didn’t like that at all. So we went with Slipknot. And that show, people just tripped. They had never seen anything like it. After that we couldn’t really change the name.”

Soon after, the band released “All Hope is Gone”.

What was Paul Gray’s cause of death?

In May 2010, it was announced that 38-year-old Slipknot’s bassist had been found dead in a hotel room.

A hotel employee at the Town Plaza hotel found Gray’s body. According to medical reports, Paul Gray’s cause of death was eventually determined to be a drug overdose.

Paul’s wife, Brenna Gray, said Paul relapsed into drug addiction in 2008. She also expressed concern when his Des Moines, Iowa doctor, Daniel Baldi, continued to prescribe the anti-anxiety drug Xanar despite Paul’s records of its abuse.

Brenna Gray said: “I just knew it was his medicine of choice, that he had struggled with it. So I just didn’t know exactly why he was using it, why he needed it, along with the drugs he was on for his addiction.”

Paul’s physician, Daniel Baldi, faced nine counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of Gray and eight others.

Before the great loss of Snipknot’s Gray, his wife still found an unused needle floating in their toilet and a bag of it. Two days later, the great musician died.