They had sex in the shower! Reality star Paulina Ljubas (26) can be seen in this year’s Ex on the Beach season, where stars and starlets meet their exes. Already in the first two episodes, the love life of the brunette caused a lot of conversation, because not only her ex-partner Yasin Mohamed (31) suddenly appeared on the beach, but also Temptation Island VIP seducer Dominik Brcic. In a one-on-one conversation with his ex-flirt Paulina, Dominik dropped the bomb.

When they met, the former lovebirds were given the opportunity for a clarifying conversation. But after just a few minutes, Dominik revealed that “Temptation Island VIP” wasn’t just about the kiss with Paulina, who was taken at the time: He also had sex with her in the shower. Unimaginable for many, because the spectators got nothing to see from the wild shower session. However, Paulina does not deny her cheating.

Paulina recently made it clear online that she had no problem with being single. “The most important thing should just be that you have your happiness within yourself and your life and not looking for it in another person”, she explained her point of view. In addition, being single is important for personal self-development.