She didn’t think that was funny at all! Paulina Ljubas (26) is a German influencer and a reality star. The pretty brunette became known overnight through her role as “Stella Fries” in the docu-soap Köln 50667. Above all, her fans love her for her open and honest manner. Even now, Paulina didn’t mince words, because TV personality Evanthia Benetatou (30) brought an April Fool’s joke that made her angry!

After Eva joked about being pregnant, Paulina got in touch with her Instagram-Story to Word. “I can really only say: There are people who are funny, but all year round. And there are people who are just not funny,” teases the reality star against Eva. “So fake pregnancy announcements […] I don’t feel it at all,” she clarified. Paulina also shared a video captioned “Frying pans who think fake pregnancies and outings would be a good April Fool’s joke” and aggressively rolled her eyes.

Last year, the TV personality’s ex-boyfriend, Henrik Stoltenberg, made an April Fool’s joke that backfired. At that time, Casanova shared a picture with actor Sandy Fähse (38) and came out as homosexual. Henrik’s fans didn’t think it was funny at all! “So uncool to use such a sensitive topic as a fool,” it said in the comments.