Penn Badgley kritisiert Netflix für "Jeffrey Dahmer"-Serie

Penn Badgley (36) doesn’t mince words! The actor played the charismatic murderer Joe Goldberg in You for four seasons. He has received numerous declarations of love for his fictional character in the past. The Gossip Girl actor’s glorification of a real-life serial killer, which he says takes place in the Netflix series “Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer”, is going too far! He also publicly criticizes his employer Netflix for this!

“On our show, you’re supposed to fall in love with Joe, that’s our fault,” the 36-year-old told Entertainment Tonight, adding: “Ted Bundy, this is your fault. Jeffrey Dahmer, this is… this is Netflix’s fault! This is clearly on Netflix’s shoulders.” The ‘You’ star is quite celebrated online for this criticism of his employer. “The fact that he works for Netflix and still holds them responsible for the Dahmer series is so real,” one fan wrote on TikTok.

Apparently, American finds it important to talk publicly about harmful or even dangerous relationships. A few years ago, referring to his role in Gossip Girl, a Twitter user gushed: “Penn Badgley Was Sexy As Dan But God Joe Is A Whole New Level”. Penn responded to the tweet, finishing the sentence with “…about trouble, right?”